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About Us

About Us

The company was registered on December 26, 2016. Since then, we have been moving in the same direction. In the direction of eco-products.

We are engaged in the implementation of Altai eco-products wholesale and retail. Our main assortment is made up of eco-bars and eco-chocolate, as well as: live bar, eco-candies, eco-breads, tea, cream honey, etc.

We like the vector in which we develop, as well as the kind of people who appear in our team. This speaks of the goals that were originally laid down in it and which unite us all: to make the world a better place.

Read our story and find out how AltayEkoProduct began!


Zakora Evgeny Sergeevich

General manager

Zakora Anastasia Pavlovna

Production manager

Cherkasova Natalia Mikhailovna

Food technologist

Bukareva Oksana Nikolaevna

Production foreman

Sidorova Tatiana Anatolievna

Sales Manager


In our products, you will not find flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes, vegetable trans fats – only natural ingredients. We know for sure that the raw materials we use have not undergone an intermediate chemical treatment, they have been stored in ideal conditions. We use the latest technology in production – infrared drying. The processing of raw materials takes place at temperatures up to + 40C, with such processing, up to 95% of useful microelements and vitamins are preserved.

Community service

We are for nature, for a dear home, so that it is clean and beautiful. We vote with both hands for everything related to protection, protection, care of nature

We provide charitable support in several directions:

  1. We provide financial support to the Altai regional branch of the Russian Children’s Fund.
  2. Our company contributes to helping homeless animals, namely the clinic “Alphabet”, headed by the doctor Churin Vladimir Nikolaevich. We transfer funds towards writing off huge debts of volunteers and private shelters and then, at the discretion of the doctor, to provide assistance to the selected animals.
  3. We take part in promotions, ecological quests for cleaning forests, and collecting garbage.
  4. Every year we take part in tree planting. We are creating new forests for future generations. We believe that this is the right concept – we make sure that in tens and hundreds of years our planet will be as good and green as it is today, and that all this wealth will go to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.



Thanksgiving letters

Our good deeds do not go unnoticed. We are glad to share with you the warm words that we receive from our partners and friends.

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